Delphi UniGUI vs Intraweb 比較

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- UniGUI is 100% AJAX enabled.
 In Intraweb AJAX support is partially implemented.

- Intraweb can be used to develope both web sites and web applications.
 UniGUI is best for Web Applications.

- You can use custom HTML templates in Intraweb
  UniGUI doesn't emit much HTML and HTML templates aren't available

- In UniGUI you can use same code base to create a VCL desktop app and a web RIA app.
 Intraweb can not create VCL desktop apps.

- UniGUI uses Ext JS library to render web pages
- Intraweb emits its own HTML and JS code.

- In UniGUI same combo project can be used to deploy ISAPI or Standalone apps
  In Intraweb you need to have separate projects

- Intraweb can use customized CSS to change visual appearance of controls
 uniGUI relies on CSS classes in current theme for visual appearance

- In uniGUI you can dynamically create and destroy controls in AJAX calls
In Intraweb you need to refresh page to dynamically create or destroy controls.

- UniGUI is beta
 Intraweb released years ago


有時間我會再進行與 的比較



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