Database's foreign key!

The foreign key is very importent in db designing.

Recently test my firebird db system, I used IB Expert create a table and set up some fields, type and primary key.

After I set Constraints->Foreign keys-> Set default rule->On Field, FK Table, FK Field etc.

"Update Rule" and "Delete Rule"is very interesting.

You can set: NO ACTION, CASCADE, SET NULL and SET DEFAULT. It not like MySQL after setup rule but can not used. Is very nice!



Why I Choose Delphi! (CHT)

扣除使用 C++ Builder 的時間,我實際使用 Delphi 的時間點是 2012 年,它帶我看到了不一樣的世界,見識到世界各地的高手使用 Delphi 創造出他們引以為豪的產品,並且無私的分享他們的學習知識,使我的技術能力得以跟隨他們的能力提升。 最最讓我喜歡的...