About Me

Hello there,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Eden Wu.

I am Software Developer with over 10 years of experience in the area.

I wrote some of the product shipped in commercial products such as: C++ Builder 6, Delphi XE, and Delphi XE7.

I'm the ONLY ONE Embarcadero MVP from Greater China!
In 2016 Embarcadero invited me to join a select group of Delphi experts from around the world to form the Embarcadero MVP program, to which fewer than 100 people worldwide have been admitted (I'm the only one from Greater China).

I am very proud to announce that Embarcadero has appointed me as one of their MVP(Most Valuable Professionals)!

I hope you'll enjoy your visit here.


歡迎你來到我的部落格,我是【大匠之風】的作者:「Eden Wu」。


過往曾以「C++ Builder 6、Delphi XE 和 Delphi XE7」,為服務的公司打造出符合其需求的商業應用程式。

大中華區唯一的 Embarcadero MVP!
在 2016 年,我獲得 Delphi 最高榮耀【Embarcadero 最有價值專家(MVP)】資格,在全球超過 100 名的最有價值專家中,在大中華區,我是唯一的【Embarcadero 最有價值專家(MVP)】。

我要驕傲的再次重申:我是 Embarcadero 認可的最有價值專家之一!


ebook【Delphi跨平台資料庫程式設計火速上手】電子書出版 (CHT)

Delphi 跨平台資料庫程式設計火速上手,是本關於整合 Delphi 的跨平台技術打造 2-Tier 架構的跨平台 APP 的入門技術書。 全書沒有需要理解的技術知識,只講套路。 力求短時間把製作 APP 的工法熟悉,未來要開發其它的應用程式也能舉一反三。 底下...