Connect SQL Server from FireDAC in Ubuntu

FireDAC + Ubuntu + SQL Server the Frame Diagram photo
Now, We could connection database from Ubuntu to SQL Server use Delphi 10.2 FireDAC.

The SQL Server in AWS and Ubuntu version comparison.  For AWS version have support all feature like for Windows version. It's best solution!

If you would understand more about it. You can go to the URL:
Ubuntu(FireDAC)を使ってMS SQL Server(RDS)に接続する。[JAPAN]



Web page design tool in Delphi

Delphi 在2009 版開始把 WebSnap 廢棄後,自此就再也沒有自帶「網頁設計工具」。 有的話也只剩下自帶的 IntraWeb Evolution 版本。 以及 3rd party 的 UniGui 等類似 IntraWeb 的 Web Application ...