Forever without restarting IIS - ISAPI Loader

Eggcentric ISAPI Loader is update the ISAPI dll solution.

Update your ISAPI DLL while in USE and without restarting IIS!!

I have a name is "ZooISAPI.dll" in ISAPI DLL.

How to use?

Step 1: Rename "ZooISAPI.dll" to "ZooISAPI.run"

Step 2: Copy "ISAPILoader_NODEBUG.dll" or "ISAPILoader_DEBUG.dll" to same path.

Step 3: The file rename to "ZooISAPI.dll"
This time, run the ISAPI path (Original the ZooISAPI.dll), you could get ZooISAPI.run works.

Step 4: When update ISAPI dll. Rename the new version "ZooISAPI.dll" to "ZooISAPI.update", and  move to IIS ISAPI path.
Step 5: Sleep(10000);   :P

Step finish: The ISAPI Loader will unload the .run and rename it to .backup and then rename the .update to .run and then load the .run
Yeah!! Update our ISAPI DLL while in USE and without restarting IIS, forever!!

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