Create DBDEMOS from BDE into PostgreSQL

BDE have a demo database: DBDEMOS.

But, dbExpress is not easy a demo database, so I just to create a sample program.

I used:
1. Devart dbExpress for PostgreSQL
2. Delphi XE
3. BDE + Paradox database

Below my example picture:
First, I select our db data (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\CodeGear Shared\Data; C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Borland Shared\Data), when we get all xml's db file(same Paradox format) on the folder.

Then we can to click "Create SQL". Create SQL Statement when after copy to pgAdmin run it.
Or to use "Create Table" direct to create table.

Setting PostgreSQL's login param.

Final, click "Import Postgres", The data pump will all data append from xml into PostgreSQL.

Now, we can try dbexpress framework for PostgreSQL!



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